Enzyklopädie der Handhabungen: Braiding Gazes

September 7 – October 22, 2023

MOMENTA Biennale de l’image, Montréal 2023
Dazibao contemporary art center, Montréal

The exhibition Enzyklopädie der Handhabungen: Braiding Gazes brings together several modules around the activity of “weaving.” The videos were filmed in different contexts, including an artist residency at the RWTH Aachen Institute for Textile Technology and motion capture lab; at Eschke, a silk manufacturer in Crimmitschau, in Saxony; and at the Berlin Zoological Garden. The metamorphosis of the line and the motif are the common thread: the rhythmic movement of silk threads produces an arc from the most advanced technology invented by humans to that, immemorial, of the construction of the nest by the birds. Rose, in turn, weaves her work through the gallery space, inviting us to explore the continuum of techniques that, throughout the living world, transform materials into a second skin.